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Have you been down lately? If you’re searching for something to inspire you, you better clean your environment right now. Research says we get more inspired in life if our surroundings are pleasing to look at and give off positive vibes. Cleaning shouldn’t be boring after all! It should be a lifestyle.

Below are the effects of having a clean environment:

It makes you more productive

That’s right, neuroscientists found out that clutter makes our visual cortex overloaded, causing the brain to find it difficult to process the situation at hand. On the contrary, a tidy environment makes us more focused and more productive, allowing us to finish whatever we need to accomplish at the end of the day. Cleaning every day will gradually decrease your cleaning time, thereby giving you more time to relax, sleep, and exercise!

It helps reduce stress

Imagine going home to a house that’s messy and smelly. Disgusting and annoying, isn’t? You just got home from a long day of work, and you get home to a dirty house. How frustrating! Social psychologists say women who have cluttered homes are more stressed and fatigued than those whose homes are clean. And wherever stress is, there is the lack of sleep, negativity, and sometimes even fertility.

It helps improve your relationship with others

Woman by the beachA clean home also makes people more optimistic, therefore resulting in positive relationships. Plus, if the house is clean, more time could be spent among family members. Aside from that, a messy house is a disgrace for visitors, which means you probably won’t invite any because you’re embarrassed. With a happy and clean home, you can have friends and relatives come over once in a while, helping you practice and improve your social skills.

It helps you become healthier

With a clean environment, you’ll less likely choose comfort foods, especially sweet ones, and overeat. People in untidy places tend to eat more unhealthful snacks just to cope up with the mess around them.

It helps you sleep better

Living in a clean environment gives you a better mental health because it helps you sleep better. You’ll have better rests if your pillows, sheets, and the entire room are always clean.

A Few Cleaning Tips

Is your kitchen sink clogged? Use baking soda, lemon or vinegar, and hot water to clean it up!

Pressure WasherWant to clean the patio, the car, and your exterior walls easier? Get yourself a pressure washer! This tool has so many smart uses! You’ll know when you visit http://pressurewasherplanet.com/. Just don’t forget to keep it after use, because apparently, there are pressure washer thieves nowadays.

Annoyed by your dirty microwave? In a microwavable bowl, combine a cup of water and a chopped lime or lemon and choose the high setting, then wait for the solution boil before turning off the microwave.

Every cleaning problem has a solution; you just have to look for the easiest ones and be determined to clean every day.

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