6 Reasons Why Painting is Good for You

Smiling girl with sunflower

Spray paint in canWhether you’re using a paint brush from an art store, a paint sprayer from PaintSprayerMag, a brush pen from your local bookstore, it’s no doubt that painting has a lot of benefits both mentally and physically. But what are these advantages?

  1. Helps reduce stress

Thanks to painting being a medium to release emotions, it is known to relieve stress and fire up your creative side. Through painting, one can release his worry and thereby boost mental health.

  1. Sharpens memory

Painting stimulates one’s creative mind and sharpens the mind further by improving its memorization skills through imaginative thinking and conceptual visualization. In fact, it’s recommended to those who have Alzheimer’s disease. People who paint have a lesser chance of having illnesses related to memory loss as they age.

  1. Promotes a positive attitude

Smiling girl with sunflowerWhen you paint, the amount of cortisol or “stress hormone” in your body is reduced. In response, your body will release endorphins or “feel-good hormones” that reduces stress and pain. When someone loves what he’s doing, more endorphins will be released, therefore boosting self-confidence and minimizing negative emotions in time.

  1. Enhances motor skills

Thanks to painting, your hand to eye coordination can be improved. It also trains the hands by requiring them to be steady most of the time. As a result, a painter’s hand movements will become more and more efficient, helping him find mental shortcuts for everyday hustles and bustles.

  1. Emotionally heals

Acrylic paint and paint brushesPainting helps renew the mind once the feelings of burden or anxiety are released. As a matter of fact, artists have a higher emotional intelligence than those who aren’t. Painting aids in the recovery process that needs to be experienced by many, this is why therapists recommend it.

  1. Improves communication skills

Painting is a form of art and art is an instrument that helps in the expression of one’s feelings. It is, therefore, a kind of nonverbal communication that is ideal for everyone, especially to those who are shy, autistic, and are suffering from speech defects. It develops the flow of thoughts in a person, which is paramount in effective intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. Furthermore, painting allows you to participate in a new community that will help you socialize, discover something you’ve never known, and feel inspired. Painting with others will enable you to appreciate culture and nature, as well as be open-minded about techniques, mediums, and painting subjects.

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