5 Reasons Why You Should Start Gardening Now

Kid gardening

Growing your own food doesn’t only allow you to consumer better-tasting, healthier fruits and vegetables, they also cost less and pave the way for personal development. If you start gardening now, you’ll…

Be more active

Whether you’re young or old, gardening is a great way to stretch your body and work out. According to studies, gardening can be a moderate-to-vigorous exercise. The repetitive tasks of digging, weeding, mulching, watering, and harvesting can all help you exercise and strengthen your bones.

Lose weight

Surprised? As per a study from the American Journal of Public Health, gardening can burn calories, helping you achieve the waistline you’ve always dreamt of. Those who are into this activity are less likely to be obese or overweight than their neighbors who don’t do gardening. American Council on Exercise even reports that the activity can burn approximately 300 calories in one hour, which is better than brisk walking which can usually burn only 230 calories an hour.

Feel better

Gardening flowers Are you bluer than blue and sadder than sad like Michael Johnson? Gardening can boost your mood! It can lower your anxiety, help you release your anger (especially when you weed or dig), and reduce your depression levels. According to a study by Preventive Medicine Reports, it will increase your happiness instead. Dutch researchers even found that the activity can combat stress better than reading. So why not look for the products that are great for your growing setup and start gardening now! If possible, I suggest you begin with growing marijuana; they’re a great help when it comes to fighting nervousness and sadness too.

Think better

Gardening can help you be more creative and productive. Taking care of your own crops will allow you to be focused as you wouldn’t want them to be ruined. According to a published study in the Medical Journal of Australia, gardening every day can even reduce your chances of having dementia by 36%, which proves how effective it is in improving your brain.

Be more compassionate

Kid gardeningTaking care of plants will make you kinder and more patient to nature, and later on to people as well. Studies have found that those who tend to their gardens are more emphatic people than those who don’t own gardens. And once you are, you’ll have better relationships with others. It’s safe to say gardening also has social benefits aside from the physical and mental advantages we know.

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