Lifehacks That You Must Try to Find The Purpose in Your Life

Purpose in Life

What really is your purpose in life?

Ants’ purpose for living seems to be working 24/7 ’til they die. The butterflies’ purpose is to please our eyes and pollinate flowers or something like that. They have a purpose and they are animals. So what’s your purpose? No idea? Okay. Let’s find out some lifehacks that we can do to reveal the real purpose in your life.

Find your Passion

Find Your Passion

You work late everyday. The pay is good. You receive promotions and citations every month. But is this really what you wanted? Come on. We all have different passions but I don’t think working hard like a horse would fit the category.

We all have dreams as a child. It’s never too late to make those dreams come true. So get out. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Skydiving, bungee jumping, diving, playing ball, anything. There must be something that you’re good at champ. So go and get out there and find that inner passion!

Think, Eat, Drink Healthy

In order to have a purpose in life, first of all, you need to be alive. You found that purpose of yours but you’re unable to do it because you’re suffering from a disease or an ailment. You must live healthy to do that. Achieving that purpose needs hard work and perseverance. You must think positive and get rid of those negative vibes. You should also try to eat healthy and drink healthy. Fruits and veggies will do the trick. Juicing can help you in so many ways. It gives our bodies the essential nutrients it needs and many more. So if you are interested in juicing, I suggest that you visit this site: Cool Stuff.


Enjoy While You’re At It

We all know that nobody’s gonna come alive in the end of this game that we can life. We’ll all gonna die someday. But to me, without having a purpose in life is like being dead while you’re still alive. So enjoy! Live your life without regrets. Say the things that want to say. Do the things that you want to do. Say your feelings to that girl that you had a crush with since 3rd grade. Being alive and living. Synonymous in a way but different meaning altogether. Live the life that you always wanted.

There you go. I hope that you learned something from this. Thanks for reading and Good Luck in finding that purpose of yours. Bye!

Unleash Your Fullest Potential as a Baker

home baking

Have you experienced the greatest joy of baking?  Homemade loaves of bread are such a great treat for your family.  Your baking hobby will surge to a higher level if your kitchen has the complete paraphernalia to better equip you as a fantastic baker.  This includes the bread machine, a valuable appliance in the kitchen.   Have a peek of this cooking device at home and experience home baking the most convenient way. For sure your motto will be “bake like never before.”

Unleash your baking potential at home and share your best baking expertise to your kids. Involve them in your gratifying kitchen activity and make all of them love what they are doing.  Although some people are quite hesitant about making it a great hobby, plunge into its profoundness and be bold with what you desire.  Bake more and bake a lot.  Learn the best technique and master your hands-on work. Anyway, if your bread machine is equipped with the necessary features to offer a more splendid home baking, everything will turn out just so fine.

If you are really into the baking world, you just can’t live without a bread machine. There are a lot of bread machine recipes that can help you master your piece of being a home baker.  Be creative enough, explore the best uses of your bread machine and discover that it is not capable only of leavened loaves.  Yes, it’s up to you to discover what you can make in a bread machine. You won’t be pressured with mixing, kneading, and punching your delicious dough.  Just be familiar with the required settings of your machine and toss all the ingredients into your machine and witness how it makes your all-time favorites.

Try Simple and Complicated Bread Recipes

Try making English muffins and let your family enjoy this buttermilk honey wheat recipe.  You can try as well complicated recipes and discover what you can do too.  Cinnamon buns are worth trying with your bread machine.  Check for more bread and dough recipes online and in recipe books.  Just be consistent with your great love for baking and you can be successful in this endeavor of creating bakery-quality bread.

bread making

Make the Most of Your Bread Machine

Owning a quality bread machine is never a waste of your money.  Don’t just let it sit for days and months on your kitchen counter tops collecting dust.  Make it an instrument to unleash your fullest potential as a baker.  Spread healthy goodness by sharing your best creations to your family and friends; thus making baking bread gratifying as ever.

Six of the Best Traits Essential to Lifelong Personal Development


To the committed, personal development is a lifelong pursuit. It does not stop with every success or with every goal achieved. It is a habit built around the desire to continuously become better than your previous self. This may seem like a daunting idea. But committing to constant self-improvement does not have to be a burdensome decision. Thankfully, there are certain traits you can develop or strengthen that support your desire for personal growth.


Self-awareness helps you understand about your strengths and weakness as well as your desires and motivations. It enables you to make objective evaluations about yourself that will help you identify rooms for improvements. Without this trait, you will find it hard to acknowledge bad habits or flaws that you can improve on. Understanding yourself more allows you to tap into your potential.


The first person who should believe in you should be you. It is your self-belief that will encourage you to take calculated risks regardless of the uncertainties or fears you may feel at some point. Self-belief is not about overestimating your abilities. Rather, it is about knowing your strengths and having the courage to step forward or step up to accomplish what you set out to do.


Mistakes and setbacks happen in life. Beating yourself up for failures or the things you did wrong does not help you become a better person. It may even lead to further disappointments. It could stop you from bouncing back and trying again. Self-compassion is about being good to yourself when bad things happen. It is about reflecting on the mistakes and the lessons learned then consciously getting past it.


Self-confidence and self-belief go hand in hand. It is not about arrogance or believing that you are invincible. It is about the confidence gained from believing in yourself, your abilities, and your capacity to stand back up again no matter how many times you fail.


Self-discipline is a cornerstone of most endeavors in life – big or small. If you take the time to closely observe the most successful people, you will find that they are the ones who have developed remarkable self-discipline. They show up, step up, and do whatever it takes every day to bring them closer to their goals.


Your level of enthusiasm goes through a series of highs and lows. It is how you keep going when it is at its lowest that will dictate your success at anything. For this reason, you have to dig deep within yourself to harness whatever motivation you can find. You have to proactively rekindle the drive when you feel like you are losing it.